!QMS Medicosmetics Body Treatments

Anti-Cellulite Contouring – Definer treatment

Ideal for firming and contouring the lower body this treatment is very effective with cellulite and weak connective tissue. It increases the circulation and improves hydration of the skin. These specially designed products help remove roughages, refine the structure of the skin and strengthen body contours. 

Intensive peeling, Stimulating concentrate , Seaweed modelage, Toning and massage.

Duration:approx. 60 min
Price:€ 85

Special Back Treatment – Soothing treatment for impure skin

Special back care with intensive cleansing extraction.

Cleansing & peeling, Deep cleansing if needed, Collagen serum, Seaweed modelage, Finishing care

Duration:approx. 60 min
Price:€ 70

PHYTOMER Body Treatments

Cocoon Marin Minceur – Slimming Algae Pack

Full-body algae pack in a warm cocoon with  shaping, fat splitting effectives substances from the sea to purify, tone and drain. A massage contributes to a slimmer silhouette.

Duration:approx. 60 min
Price:€ 85

Voile de Satin – Full body exfoliation with sea salt crystals

Voile de Satin – Full body exfoliation with sea salt crystalsAn exfoliation with sea salt crystals combined with a relaxing body massage for an express beauty treatment that leaves your skin soft and silky.

Relaxing full-body peeling with natural maritime salt crystals, removal of skins scales and impurities, remineralization of the skin and hydration. For velvety new skin on your whole body.

Duration:approx. 45 min
Price:€ 49

Modelage dos Détox – Relaxing and detoxicating back treatment

An ultra-relaxing and unwinding massage of the back and scalp combined with detoxifying marine products for deep cleansing. Deeply relaxing and re-energizing, this signature body treatment combines a full exfoliation with a totally encompassing massage. Especially recommended for persons under stress and suffering from back pain. Includes foot massage, back exfoliation and back massage.

Duration:approx. 45 min
Price:€ 55

Jambes Légères – Cooling treatment for legs and veins

A targeted treatment to comfort and relieve tired legs, as well as visibly enhance their appearance. Even with circulation problems the results are visibly lighter legs.

To be combined with a cosmetic pedicure.

Duration:approx. 35 min
Price:€ 43

Beaubronz Spray tanning - full body tanning

Duration:approx. 30 min
Price:€ 47

Tanning of individual body parts is possible. Price on request

Waxing with warm wax (inclusive skin care)

Full leg

Duration:50 min
Price:€ 50

Lower or upper leg

Duration:30 min
Price:€ 30

Armpits, chest or stomach

Duration:20 min
Price:€ 20


Duration:30 min
Price:€ 30

Lower arms

Duration:30 min
Price:€ 30


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