Face Treatments

!QMS Face Treatments

Activator Treatment

Instant revitalizing facial for in-betweens

Based on !QMS Medicosmetics innovative activation techniques, this energizing treatment regenerates and refuels the skin through the supply of active ingredients leaving it firm, fresh and glowing. It revitalizes tired and fatigued skin with an immediate effect, e.g.for jet-lag. Optimal improvement of the skin’s moisture balance.

Cleansing & peeling,  Seaweed modelage, Collagen serum, Activator mask, Neck and cleavage massage, Finishing care.

Duration:approx. 60 min
Price:€ 85

Classic Collagen

Fountain of youth for all skin types

The caring and nutritious Classic Collagen skin treatment is suitable for all skin types, but especially effective for stressed and fatigued skin.The skin is revitalized and regains a youthful appearence. Through additional  gypsum modelage, this treatment tightens even sagging skin and let penetrate the valuable active agents even deeper. Find out for yourself!

Cleansing & peeling, Seaweed modelage, Collagen serum, Mask & massage, Gypsum modelage, Finishing care.

Duration:approx. 90 min
Price:€ 135 

SK Alpha Revival

Intensive care for a better complexion

Based on the highly revitalizing SK Alpha mask this intensive treatment stimulates microcirculation and energizes the skin’s complexion to a glowing radiance making it suitable for all skin types and the perfect therapy for skin with poor circulation or smokers’ skin.

Cleansing & peeling, Collagen serum, SK Alpha Revital mask & massage, Seaweed modelage,, Finishing care.

Duration:approx. 75 min
Price:€ 95

Sensitive Skin Re-Balance

Calming treatment for problematic skin

Special treatment for problematic skin (acne) and very sensitive skin. With this face treatment you benefit from the anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects of the !QMS MED-Line. The precious Repair 3 Complexe Cream Serum supports the healing of erythemes and skin rednesses – and pampers even sensitive skin due to its satiny texture.

Cleansing & peeling, Deep cleansing if needed, Collagen serum, Seaweed modelage, Active agents concentrate, Finishing care.

Duration:approx. 60-75 min
Price:€ 75

Neo Tissudermie

Classic for each and every occasion

Neo Tissudermie – the new tissue. Designed to strengthen and regenerate mature skin, this treatment both lifts and tightens skin that is slack or tired. QMS’ Neck & More is used to contour the delicate neck, décolleté and breast area. The result is a taut, velvety peach skin.

Cleansing & peeling, Collagen serum, Seaweed mask, Active agents concentrate, Foam mask & massage, Finishing care.

Duration:approx. 90 min
Price:€ 135

Express Face Treatment

Relaxation for your face

This express treatment provides a short regeneration after a busy day.

Make-up removal, Relaxing and strenghtening face massage with intensively nourishing and moisturizing !QMS mask.

Duration:approx. 35 min
Price:€ 49

Express Eye Reviver

Makes tired eyes shine

Cleansing, HO2 Hyaluron Oxygen serum, Cooling mask, Care.

Can be booked with every face treatment

Duration:approx. 25 min
Price:€ 30

Pure Oxygen

Top anti-aging facials for delicate skin

As one of the top anti-aging facials, this treatment has been uniquely developed to channel ingredients effectively and intensively into the skin using QMS’ customized Oxygen Energy Applicator. The improved oxygen supply encourages circulation and stimulates a regenerative process. It is one of the most effective treatments with the skin profile being immediately enhanced to leave it firmer, smoother and radiant.

Cleansing & peeling, Deep cleansing if needed, Seaweed modelage,, Collagen serum, Oxygen boost with HO2 Hyaluron Oxygen serum, Mask, Neck/cleavage massage, Finishing care.

Duration:approx. 90 min
Price:€ 145

Lip Zone Concentrate

Special treatment with focus on the upper lip area

An advanced facial designed to treat the fine lines and wrinkles of the upper lip zone. Through focused exfoliation techniques the upper lip area is perfectly prepared for the application of Lip Line Corrector, the innovative active ingredient complex featured in this product improves the skin’s elasticity to give it a smoother, more youthful appearance.

Cleansing & peeling, Deep cleansing if needed, Collagen serum, Seaweed modelage,, HO2 Hyaluron Oxygen serum, Lip Line Corrector Concentrate, Mask & massage, Finishing care.

Duration:approx. 90 min
Price:€ 145

Skin Cell Renewal

The revitalizing luxury treatment

The treatment of the new generation. Benefit from the latest findings for a radiant beauty. An anti-aging facial developed to support the skin’s own stem cells, enhance the stimulation of new skin cells and improve the overall skin metabolism. Furthermore, Cellular Marine repairs the extracellular matrix. Your skin will immediately appear firmer and more vital. A long-term treatment reduces redness and blends pigmentation disorders. This !QMS high impact treatment leaves your skin visibly smother and firmer and underlines your natural beauty.

Cleansing & peeling, Deep cleansing if needed, Seaweed modelage, Collagen serum, HO2 Hyaluron Oxygen serum, Skin-cell care with lifting massage, Mask , Finishing care.

Duration:approx. 90 min
Price:€ 145

Phytomer Face Treatments

Extended Youth

Wrinkle Correction Firming Treatment

3 key steps in an ultra-effective treatment to resurface the skin, fill wrinkles and restructure the face.

Relax back module, Cleansing and Peeling, Modelage, Serum & mask, Finishing care

Duration:approx. 70 min
Price:€ 85

Douceur marine

Comforting Soothing Treatment

A veil of softness for sensitive skin and/or redness. This pampering treatment softens your skin and enhances its protection system for soothed and ideally hydrated skin mask followed by facial massage, serum and mask, application of finishing cream.

Relax back module, Cleansing and Peeling, Cleaning and Detoxification of the skin, Face massage

Duration:approx. 70 min
Price:€ 85


Blemish Solution Treatment

This cleansing and mattifying facial treatment, with proven efficacy against blemishes, leaves your skin visibly healthier and clearer. 

Relax back module, Cleansing and Peeling, Deep Cleaning  if needed and Detoxification of the skin, Serum & mask, Finishing care

Duration:approx. 70 min
Price:€ 85

Perfect Regard

Smoothing care for a radiant glance

High performing and relaxing comfort eye care for a youthful radiant glance. The delicate eye area requires special care. Perfect Regard Phytomer streghtens the eye area and is perfect to combat black circles and fine lines. Dark circles and bags are softened. Radiant vital eyes are the visible result of this treatment, which can be booked additionally to each facial treatment.

Make-up removal, Cream mask, Shaping of the eye area, Soft mask, Finishing care

Duration:approx. 40 min
Price:€ 45

When included in a facial treatment:

Duration:approx. 25 min
Price:€ 25


to be combined with each facial

Deep cleansing

Deep cleansing and extraction of comedones, milia, blackheads etc.

Price:€ 1 / min



This treatment removes the uppermost horny layer of skin with the help of an abrasive tool -  controlled and free of pein. This stimulates the regenernative process of the cells, creating a finer porosity and reduces wrinkles - the ideal base for optimum absorption. Highly recommended for thick, horny skin which is oily, dry or sun damaged.

Price:€ 30


Removes dead skin cells and skin impurities. The treatment is soothing and relaxing, not irritating while immediately effective. A real spa treatment for your skin.

Price:€ 29


Ultrasound produces high frequency waves stimulating the metabolism of the skin. This treatment instensifies the penetration and resorption of cosmetic active agents (serum, ampoules, …). Better blood circulation and cell regeneration are the anti-aging effets.

Price:€ 19 

High frequency

The high frequency radiation improves overall metabolism, stimulates the circulation and activates the cells in the raditation area. Toxins and roughages are eliminated faster. The strong oxidation power of oxygen has a strong disinfecting effect. Highly recommended for acne and impure skin.

Price:€ 19

Oxygen Boost

The !QMS’ customized Oxygen Energy Applicator produces 95% of pure oxygen and has been uniquely developed to channel ingredients effectively into the skin.The improved oxygen supply encourages circulation and stimulates a regenerative process.

Price:€ 19

Face, neck and cleavage massage

(also bookable as a single treatment)

Different oils with caring formula are used. A relaxing and vitalizing massage provides radiant aura and a good mood. 

Duration:30 min
Price:€ 39

Eyelash tinting

Naturally nice eyes.

Duration:15 min

Eyebrow tinting

Duration:15 min
Price:€ 12


Duration:approx. 15 min
Price:€ 15

Eyebrow and eyelash tinting & shape correction

Duration:approx. 25 min
Price:€ 35

Day make-up

Duration:approx. 30 min
Price:€ 35

Evening make-up or Bridal make-up

Duration:approx. 50-60 min
Price:€ 65

Epilation with warm wax (incl. skin care)

Upper lip or chin

Duration:15 min
Price:€ 11


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